Letters to Duke #12

Evening Dukey boy!

Big couple of days again. Travelled from Fernie, ditched our veggies and crossed the border back into Montana.

Beautiful drive, as always, even though it was a rainy morning.

Pulling into a little town called Eureka we noticed something was up, and as luck and fate would have it, we got to witness our first ever ‘Homecoming Parade’!

Goooooo Eureka Lions!!!!!

We lunched in Whitefish, just missing their Bulldogs Homecoming parade, and headed out to Hungry Horse, to our rental house to meet back up with Aunty R & Uncle J.

They arrived late last night. After the girls had explored the house and entered each and every room. Twice. Ok, four times.

This morning we headed into Glacier National Park, rainy, but otherwise clear and gorgeous!

And the rain held of long enough for us to tackle another challenging hike to paradise!

This time, Avalanche Lake! Beautiful. And, it seems, crawling with Chipmunks.

They love me!!

Must be my irresistible charm. Then again it could be my new muesli bar cologne.

Back in Hungry Horse we split the family into teams, and Uncle J taught us all the ancient art of Frisbee Golf!

Who knew you could golf with frisbees?

Those crazy Americans!

We dined in Columbia Falls and are now making the most of our last WIFI, before we head deeper towards Glacier.

I think the cold Aunty R has been prepping us for, which has so far eluded us, will catch up to us up there.

Ready or not wilderness, here we come!

Love Stan xxxx

P.S what a wonderful treat getting to Skype with you and the family tonight! We love you and miss you and are glad your having fun at the hut! The weather looks beautiful and sunny! You should see the crew here. I’ve never seen them so pale and pasty. I swear in the woods today they sparkled when the sun hit them.

For a moment I thought they may be mermaids. Or vampires.






2 thoughts on “Letters to Duke #12

  1. Sue Murray

    Love you all so much so love getting home to catch up on the blogs. Am off to do the door for circus oz at MECC now . Have fun in the woods . Xxx look out for the big bad wolf. Xxx

    Sent from my very first iPhone be patient




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