Letters to Duke #11

Evening brother,

We have now crossed states and are resting up in British Columbia, Fernie.

Woke to the beautiful Waterton Lake and another clear sunny day.

Took a drive up to Cameron Lake. Stunning, gorgeous! So much gorgeousness here! It’s so green and pine tree-y. Like Yellowstone, but totally different!

And guess what crossed the road in front of us on our way back to Waterton????

Yes sir! A big Grizzly!!!! Cray-zee!!

He was gone by the time we pulled up. Probably a good thing.

We then hopped on the Waterton Lake Cruise and took in the amazing surrounds! Our witty guide pointed out that the appealing looking body of water is known as a non drowning lake, given that you would always freeze first.

Sadly, despite asking Mother Nature very nicely, we didn’t spot any wildlife.

The guide let us know how to tell the Grizzly and Black Bears apart. The Grizzly has a hump between his shoulders, his highest point with little ears and a rounded face. The Black bears highest point is his rear end, he has a pointy snout with bigger ears.

The Grizzy has longer claws, but either way, if your close enough to see the claws. Your numbers up.

He reckons, quickly climb a tree. If the bear follows you up, it’s a black bear. If it pushes the tree down. It’s a Grizzly.

Sage advice my friend.

Once back on land we headed up to Red Rock Canyon.

Mother Nature heard our calls! On our way we seen a big Black Bear eating berries on a hill.

Not far from him was……wait for it!!!! A Mumma black bear with TWO CUBS!!!

Be still my beating heart.

Bear jam.

Further on….another black bear! Right next to the road!!!!

Then……another!!!!!! Right there!!!

Decided to skip the Red Rock hike due to what Dad called the local “bear infestation”, picnicked, then headed out of the park, where!!! You guessed it, we seen another black bear up on a hill!!!!

Thank god we have a hire car coz this family has been crawling all over it, spying wildlife. The hole, commonly know as the sunroof, is like a prairie dog den entrance.

Dad yells “bear!” And they all pop up out of it looking around wildly!

Sadly, we left too late to check out ‘Buffalo Head Smash In Jump’, definitely next time.

Heading to Fernie we stopped at the Frank slide memorial and information centre.

The centre is just past the sight. And it is such a powerful sight.

Awesome, in the original, not cool, sense.
A whole town, just annihilated by the mountain.

The centre also covered the Hillcrest mine disaster. Again, devastating, and so, so sad.

They have done such a wonderful job of preserving and sharing the history. Must highly recommend this centre.

Rest in peace all the souls lost in these tragedies.

We crossed into British Columbia and traversed Crows Nest Pass! No Big Horns to be seen.

Then, boom, we’re back in Coal Mining territory again!

Like a Canadian Moranbah!

We had to pull over and check out the World largest truck in Sparwood!

Now, scanning the free WIFI and planning our next leg. Our last night in Canadia.

We love Canada A!!!!!!

Love Stan xxxx







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