Letters to Duke #10


Greetings from Canadia!!

I mean, Canada!!!

Woke up and decides to bite the bullet and float up to Maple country!

We stopped in at Butte to visit the Butte World Mining Museum, which was great.

It was really interesting seeing all the old gear and history. Mum got a bit sad, and uneasy.

Shaft mines always make her uneasy, and perhaps the age of the old mine and the roaming spirits left behind had an effect.

She loved it, but didn’t feel right until we left.

Then we tuned the radio to country, and headed North.

It was a long, long drive, through ever changing landscapes! Barren, hilly, mountainous, rivers, lakes, Indian reservations! Very cool stuff to look at!

We arrived after dark and are really looking forward to seeing the mountains in the morning!

All set to explore Waterton National Park!

Fingers crossed for Bears and Moose!!!

Love Stan xxxx

P.S just to confuse us all, we’re back to kilometers!!!

P.P.S We just seen a Skunk!!!





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