Letters to Duke #9 entry 2

Dukey Boy!

We left Jackson before the sun this morning hoping to catch a moose or grizzly on our way through the Tetons.

Sadly our “go-to” road for both these critters was once again closed. Due, to too much bear activity!!!!

So glad we got to see one of the reasons behind the closure!!!

The Tetons were completely covered in cloud and fog, only appearing just before we left the park! Eerily beautiful!

Some bugling bull elk also sat out on the horizon for us early on! Very cool to see and hear!

Back through Yellowstone we were greeted by the biggest Bull Elk we’ve seen yet! He was a 7 pointer. Huge!

We went to Yellowstone’s Grand Canyon, where a doe and buck Mule dear were wandering the parking lot.

Uncle Toms Trails was by far the most strenuous of the hikes we’ve done so far. 150m down into the Grand Canyon. Over 300 stairs near straight down a very, very steep cliff!

It was a stunning view once there. But the climb up was a killer! As befitted the sign at the top warning those with heart conditions to avoid.

We’ll certainly all be National Park fit once were done in Montanna!

Headed to Norris geysers for a quick look them into the Artists Paintpots geysers.

Dad reckons they only name places that to sucker in people like Mum.

It worked.

And we were all glad we hiked it in the end, because of the awesome bubbling mud geysers/things! Looked good enough to jump in. If it weren’t for the painful, boiling death part.

And, we came across 2 squirrels “in love” on the hike back! They’re so cute, and seemed not too mind too much at all about the mass paparazzi surrounding them.

Pam and Tommy Squirrels!

We picnicked on the edge of Yellowstone after stopping at our last Yellowstone Bison Jam. Sad, sad face.

Now resting after taking in the town of West Yellowstone,the local museum and the biggest and tastiest pizzas we’ve ever eaten.

No plans from here. Just need to be back in Missoula by Friday.

Just going with the flow, blowing our ears, and or hair back as they say.

Miss you boy!

Love Stan xxxx






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