Letters to Duke #9 entry 1

Hey again, my Black and Tan buddy!

This comes to you a day late from West Yellowstone. Crappy WIFI up here in the back blocks!

Yesterday we footed around Jackson again, taking in the more dignified, cultural side!

The 2 museums in town had some great relics of Indian and Western periods, and G2 and G3 had a ball on the scavenger hunts. G1 and Mum enjoyed the education and Dad, well Dad followed them all around. Jackson is chock full of history. As well as dead animals.

Dad also had a fantastic, edge of his seat experience at the National Museum of Wildlife Art.

Literally edge of his seat.

As he slept.

On the lounge chair.

In the Art gallery.

The man is culturally numb.

I’m surprised he didn’t snore.

Mum, G1 and I were the only ones to appreciated the beauty.

To reward Dad for his day of tolerance, we then ate at the Gun Barrel.

Room of death-arama.

For every dead animal I’ve seen. This place doubled it. Then served it!

As the family feasted on the animals they’ve been spotting, the ancestors of their dinner’s, dead, glass, eyes, bore holes in them from the walls.

Elk was their favorite!

Stan xxx






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