Letters to Duke #8

Evening Duke-star!

Earliest post/letter yet! We had another before sunup start to get to the Tetons in time for our trail ride!

Yup, a trail ride. Horseback in the Tetons. Sounds pretty corny, but honestly, it was so easy to cast yourself back to the pioneering days. Mum was teary again at the sheer beauty.

She has set a challenge for the girls to find a setting more beautiful than the Tetons on water in their lifetime. Should nicely set them up for a future of stunning travel destinations.

We rode in our age order with G3 taking the lead. Horses Dallas, Lucky, Linda, Kenny G, and Milky Way took us slow and steady along our trail. I rode in Mums saddle bag with big Kenny G. He took us through the trees instead of around. Maybe my presence through him off?

Though, they did became what the guide called “curious”, midway into the ride. But this was due to the bear kill laying 100yards off our path.


Welcome back to Mums heart palpitations.

Oh and on the way to Tetons we finally managed to tick a Bull Moose off our wildlife list! Those babies are HUGE!!!

We then went to Teton village and took the Alpine tram (big gondola) up Rendesvous mountain. 10,000ft. Awesome view and 20degrees cooler. We all took a few moments to imagine it in its prime, ski season. Though with only 10% green runs on the mountain, I don’t think it’s somewhere they’d let us in!

We took in a foot tour through Jackson checking out its shops, and mostly, shop fronts. It’s a fantastic Western town.

Mum is in heaven with the smells of leather everywhere! However each shop, nearly every bloody one, has a lovely “wall of death”, featuring at least 3 dead, stuffed animals.

The dead wolves hurt G1 most of all.

Anyway, we shopped to eat at our cabin and are planning our earliest night yet. Once Mums washed all their thrice worn clothes that is.

Dad said this arv that we have covered over 1600k since Tuesday.


Ok, well Love you lots,
Stan xxx

P.S pics on Facebook lightingtreeblog again due to crappy free WIFI. Will try and fix it tomorrow!!!





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