Letters to Duke #7

Hi there,
Today was our last exploring day with Aunty R and Uncle J, in Wyoming.

I know I’ve already mentioned the colors, but wow. I’m colorblind and can still see the most amazing shades of red and yellow.

We Have been stopping lots for fall pics, Aunty R is giving Mum lots of lessons. Have I mentioned just how much Aunty R loves fall?

I got up early with Mum, Aunty R and G1 to catch the first morning rays on the Tetons and hunt for a moose.

Sadly no moose but the views more than made up for it.

After regrouping in Jackson we all headed back into the park for a picnic lunch and another hike.

Lo and behold, we stumbled upon a Moose Cow and Calf! Beautiful!!!

Today’s hike took us up to Taggart Lake, which is THE most amazing vista I’ve ever seen.

A crazy Aussie from Melbourne jumped in the icy waters. And not to be outdone, Mum and Uncle Jimmy stripped down and followed suit!

Soon enough, Dad, G1, G2 and G3 were all in.

I know we’ve been in cold water before, but never like this.

The snow is still on the mountains!!!!

Crazy Australians. Ruining the serenity with yip ya-ing and splashes!


We dried off on our hike back, watching chipmunks and squirrels and admiring the quaking Aspens.

We tried again to spot a bull moose, a few elk wandered by, but beers and waiting was all we got.

Now I come to the most incredible, amazing, unbelievable, part of our day.

Dukey my boy. We spotted a Grizzly! A GRIZZLY BEAR!

It was ridiculous! We actually started our very own bear jam!

He was just wandering along, unaware of the madness he created!

Thrilling is an understatement. Hearts were definitely all a flutter.

A big Bull Elk rounded our day, and we headed back into Jackson for tea.

We’re now all tuckered out and ready to begin the solo part of our journey.

We all got a bit sad and happy from seeing Aunty D’s Skype message to Mum for her birthday, and the photo of you on the beach at the hut.

We miss you boy.
What a day.
Love you, Stan xxx





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