Letters to Duke #6 entry 3

Almost up to date Dukey boy!

Now where are we?

This morning we woke up and packed up our wet camps. Once again Uncle J’s brekky got us through and we headed to the geysers on Yellowstone Lake.

Another gorgeous spot, crystal clear humongous lake with hot bumbling geysers surrounding. Wowsers!!

We then headed out of the park towards Tetons National Park.

On the way we spotted some Beaver Dams and lodges and stopped to try and spot some, to no avail. Also had a few more bison jams on our way out, only fitting! We love Bison!

We also stopped to spot some Pika, heard them, but no spying! Next time!

We crossed into the Tetons. I swear, you have never seen colors like we seen today.

The aspen trees are incredible. Yellow like fire! Like sunshine! Like margarine! Like no yellow you’ve ever seen before.

The Tetons themselves are also an amazing sight. Pretty overwhelming actually. Mum gets pretty emotional at beauty like that.

We stopped at Jenny Lake, which is surrounded by mountains, pines and aspens. Dream vista.

Uncle J and Dad were skimming stones and we were just taking in the majesty.

The trees, they’re crazy. Aunty R loves the fall, she really does, and we stopped to get shots of some pretty amazing sites.

It is Moose country, but sadly no Moose today. Not for want of trying.

We did get to see so much crazy gorgeousness and passed the famous ski sites of Jackson Hole.

Our current spot is about 50miles out of Jackson, in a location full of yellows, and now reds, like you’ve never seen.

RED TREES!!!! Red, yellow, purple, orange, green! Hillsides full of color!

It’s really very special.

Dinner and bed and now I’m all caught up from our lack of wifi!

Love you Duke!
Goodnight, Stan.





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