Letters to Duke #6 entry 1

Hello brother!
Hope this finds you well, we are all fantastic. The altitude is doing us all a great deal of good and you would be loving the fantastic smells that equal Fall. Aunty R loves fall.

This morning we went to Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Centre in West Yellowstone before fueling up and heading out.

It was a fantastic opportunity to get to see these guys up close and get some info on how to be safe in their habitat.

My gosh, those bears are really something. Lesson 1. Don’t try to climb a tree to get away from a grizzly.

And you will be pleased to know our wolf brothers are very similar in lots of ways. They reminded me a lot of Hera and Luna. Except I don’t think they could successfully bring down and devour a bison. Maybe though. Those girls can eat.

We headed into Yellowstone National Park and got to experience our first Yellowstone traffic jam, aptly named after the spotted animal that causes everyone to stop and stare, and pull out their binoculars and/or camera. Our first was a Bison Jam.

Man oh man. I know you’ve seen some cattle in your time, but yikes!!! These guys are awesome. Absolutely awe some.

Yellowstone is massive and it would take an easy week just to go to every part, let alone look around.

We drove up to Old Faithful, the park, and probably the worlds, most famous geyser and sat with the squillion other tourists for the amazing show!

Next stop, was the less famous, but, in my opinion, far more beautiful geyser, the Grand Prismatic Geyser.

Thanks to Aunty R, we put our bush skills to good use and scooted up an off the track path to take in a little seen view of this colorful natural wonder.

Breathtaking. No other words.

Heading to ground lever with this geyser was fantastic too, though far less colorful, and we got to see Aunty R’s inner Park Ranger come out directing wrong direction traveling busses and rude “idiot” tourists.

Having still not set up camp we headed back to the campground to do so, and came upon another Bison Jam, probably the 6th for the day, but this one was amazing!

There was a huge herd of Bison, full of every family member possible, and mid viewing, they all swam across the river! Swam!!!!

A big one also crossed the road right next to Dad who was far to casual about it for Aunty R’s liking. She’s seen a bison in action. And Dad has NOT been reading the safety briefings on Bison.

We ate at a Lake side Lodge after dark, as that’s how long it took us to get back, then set up our tents by torchlight at Grant campground.

Aunty R set us up well with jackets, beanies, and enough warm bedding to survive a blizzard, which thankfully we didn’t need as the weather was above freezing! Yay!

The girls slept sporadically due to the heat from their warm gear and the words of our camp Ranger, of a death by Grizzly at neighboring Teton National Park.

The bugling Elk woke Mum a few times, a truly amazing sound, as well as the “I’m hot” and “is that a bear”, whining of the girls.

But all in all a FANTASTIC first night in Yellowstone!

Love you xxx





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