Letters to Duke #5

Hello from West Yellowstone!!!

Began the day with a traditional Southern breakfast at Uncle J’s favorite, Cracker Barrel.
Grits? Hmmmm. Not a fan. Gravy? Well, Dad liked it, Uncle J loves it, but Mum will be sticking to her Greens Gravy back home.

Dad took the wheel for the first time as we left Missoula and handled the open road just fine. Mind you he and Mum keep going to jump in the wrong side!

And it really takes some second glancing at cars driving past. I was pretty excited as I thought dogs must be allowed to drive here. Sadly, they aren’t. They can shop in Walmart, but no licenses allowed.

We had a tour of Lewis and Clark caverns, in a state park in Montana, and learnt a bit of history while hiking and heading 1500m under and through some awesome caves and seeing some great formations.

We had dinner in a great bar in Ennis, a fantastic, country, American TV show type town in Montana, crossed the border to Idaho, then back to Montana to our current destination.

We got to experience Skunk smell. I found it a little overpowering, but can’t say I wouldn’t chase one down just to check it out.

Righto, well we love you and hope your lapping up the warm weather, as we are just heading into the heart of cold. Prepping for literal freezing temperatures.

Brrrrr. Love ya xxx






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