Letters to Duke #4 entry #2

Today was rest day, so we all slept in and woke to Uncle J’s Mexican breakfast, which was awesome.

After looking at maps and sorting our journey, we hit the town.

First stop, poppin tags. Yes sir, we hit the thrift store, scoring a few cold weather bargains and thrilling G2, who walked out with a J.Lo collection, lined leather jacket, for the princely sum of $10.

Macklemore would be very proud.

Next destination was the all American icon, Walmart. And it did not fail to disappoint its Aussie visitors.

Plenty of interesting people and lots of interesting stuff. Guns, liquor, clothes and groceries. What more could you ask of a store?

We also tripped to a huge outdoors/hunting store, sort of like BCF with giant dead animals everywhere. And more guns. Unnerving and fascinating at the same time.

The girls had a lovely shopping experience at “the mall” and then we met up with Aunty R’s BFF for more beers and burgers. Uncle J even made the girls order their meals in American, he’s been coaching them all day.

They’re very annoying.

Tomorrow we head off on our camping trip, so I can’t check in for a few days until we reach the next wifi destination.

Oh, and guess what? We seen our first skrill, I mean squirrel! He was right outside Aunty R’s window! They’re as awesome as I imagined!

Keep your paws crossed we see plenty ..SQUIRREL.. of animals in Yellowstone!

Love you xxx

P.S that was an UP movie reference, not a typo.






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