Letters to Duke #4 entry #1

Dearest Dukey Boy,
I hear you’ve been missing us? Well my brother, the same rings true here.

And Aunty D now knows the strength of your devotion. No fence can hold back a mournful sausage dog.

We’re glad your happy staying with them, and your making their day with each warm reception you give them, every time they come home.

They love you.

We arrived safely here at Aunty R’s, though short G2’s bag, which went onto Oregon and had an overnight stay, before making its way back to us tonight.

Dad upgraded the hire car, so now he’s king of the road. Or rather, chauffeured king of the road, as Aunty R is doing the driving till he gets the hang of it.

Right, right, right.

It will come as no surprise to you that on arrival, Aunty R had us out on a quick hike!

We seen heaps of deer, and then went out to dinner for beer and buffalo burgers. Interesting.

It’s not dark until about 8.30, so we’re able to jam lots into each day.

Mum and G2 are slowly getting their land legs back after yesterday’s flights. Mum reckons it’s like being on a boat. The floor just keeps moving.

Aunty R and Uncle J’s house is very cool, well heated actually, and the girls have been having fun exploring, and trying on all the warm winter clothes for our Yellowstone camping trip.

It was a massive day!!!





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