Letters to Duke #3

Dearest Duke,

Quick update while we have free wifi! Flight was great, so relaxing and comfy. Girls all slept soundly and enjoyed the airline food.
Arrived feeling fresh as little daisys!


Flight was, so, so long. Kids slept very briefly, Mum even less, and of course G3 ate only bread rolls for tea. Thank goodness they had them on offer, though mum was stashing away known foods for her like a little squirrel.

Really didn’t feel like 13 hours though.

The nightmares Mum has been having over LAX turned out to be unfounded and we breezed through with friendly, helpful immigration and customs people! Thank the heavens!

Flight to Salt Lake City was good too, quick and with all 5 of the family sacked out and catching flies.

Ready to board to Montana any minute. The mountains look beautiful from here, can’t wait to see them up close!

Love you and miss you and wish communication was easier!!

Looking forward to seeing our reception from Aunty R and Uncle J!

Love ya Duke! Xx



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