Letters to Duke #2

Dearest Duke,

“She packed my bags last night pre flight. Zero hour. Nine am. And I’m gunna be high-eyeyeyyy, as a kite by then”.
If mum doesn’t stop humming this I’m going to scream, we’re going on a plane, not a rocket.

We have passed the first clearance! Whoo!

Though Mum is still sweating over her checked in contraband, consisting of Sippah straws and Scotch finger biscuits.
She’s certain she’ll end up in a Thai prison for carrying Hokey Pokey Honeycomb flavoring and shortbread.
I’d tell her security has much bigger fish to fry, but I don’t have a voice box. Or a mouth.

We found a lovely surprise in our port from Grandma S, gosh she loves to spoil these girls and Mum and Dad too, we’re very lucky. Thanks Grandma!!

Seating to LAX may prove interesting as they haven’t put us together. G2 is pretty sad about this but Mum will move mountains to make sure the girls are all happy. There will be some seat shuffling happening.
Dad is being far to casual about the whole affair for Mums liking.

Feel a bit like John Farnham on tour, but this really is my last post till America.

Love you and hope your out laying in the sunniest spot in the yard, and that Fez is taming in his lust for you. You know those Jack Russles, they’re up for anything. Just fake sleep, he’ll surely leave you alone.

Love you lots Dukey! Xxx




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