Letters to Duke #1

Dearest Duke,
Stan here, I hope this finds you well, and that your not missing us too much.

Please no hard feelings about me coming on this trip instead of you.
Being made of material and stuffing, rather than fur, and, well you know, innards, made me the more feasible/compact/safe, canine option.

I know they’re hearts rest with you brother, no fear of that.

The first leg of our journey went well. G2 took the aisle seat of course and handled the take off and landing very bravely. Mums hand did a good squeezing though.

And as you can imagine, G1,G2 and G3 were over the moon with their on flight teeny coke cans, and teeny tea stirring spoons. No guessing who had the soft drinks and who had the tea. I swear G2 is British.

We had a wonderful catch up with our Southern family. Welcoming us with open hearts, and arms, as always. Making us feel at home. We even seen Grandma R and Grandad J and family.

We had a huge dinner, and as you can imagine, lots and lots of hugs, laughs and catching up!

So now the crew sleeps easy, with belly’s full of home cooked food, heads filled with conversations, and hearts filled with love.

We have such a great family.

Well, goodnight Dukey boy. Give those beautiful cousins of ours a good snuggle, and tell Aunty D not to worry about us. We will all be fine.

I’m off to rest. But between Dad’s snoring, and Mums pounding heart, and ticking brain, I’m not sure I’ll get much shut eye.

I’ll write again once we’re safely in the US, and have managed to figure out how to use Data abroad.

This next leg is 13 hours.


Let’s hope my view is better than today’s.

Love you, and miss you lots already.
Love Stan. Xxx




One thought on “Letters to Duke #1

  1. rachelmurrayblog

    I Love your Blog!

    Now I am waiting eagerly for your arrival! We will welcome Stan with open arms. Can’t wait for you to get here! Tell Stan to get ready for some cooler temperatures but he will forget about the temperatures with all the fun he will have 🙂 xxxx



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