Endurance. Sort of.

If you replace the ship, Endurance, with a Jetstar passenger flight, the 1914 crew of intrepid explorers with 100 odd strangers and Antarctica with Brisbane, then today. I am Ernest Shackleton.

Yes, today I am off on an adventure.

At least, it is an adventure to me, as at 32 years of age, I have never gone anywhere on my own.

Jumping straight from childhood to parenthood I have never had the chance to do much at all on my own. Let alone navigate public transport. Which is why I am feeling a tad anxious about stepping off that plane today.

My life of solo expeditions was forever marred by a life altering excursion, when, at 15, I took a trip into the city from my Grandparents to see a friend.

On the overpass of the Woodridge train station I learnt the joys of walking through a gang of punks.

And not cool, English, 80’s punks like Vivian from the Young Ones. But scary, drinking straight from the bottle, enquiring about terrified young girls nipples, kinds of punks. Good times.

Which is why I’m sure it probably took Shackleton less time to pack provisions for his Antarctic journey than it did for me to decide what to wear this morning.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a fashion conscience person, by any means. I’d sooner drape all my mirrors in feigned mourning than stand in front of them.

The struggle was in how I may be perceived by strangers. And not just any strangers. City strangers. Public Transport City Strangers.

Oh yes, us country kids are onto you Public Transport City Strangers.

My cupboard is full of black, flannelette, union shirts, check, and very very dark grey. Bit like a staunch, country, Lego batman.

However, If I wear check, I may be wrongly perceived as a naive country cousin, and subsequently robbed.

If I wear any CFMEU/mine t shirts I may be wrongly perceived as being wealthy and, again, robbed.

I also have a number tattoos which If teamed with black, may have me wrongly perceived as being bad ass and either beaten up or recruited into an outlaw motorcycle gang.

You see?

I have settled for denim and light grey. Here’s hoping I blend in. Only 1 plane, 2 trains, 1 bus and a ferry ride to go. Oh look! Here comes the wallet inspector…….

I apologise if this post caused any offense to my city dwelling kith, kin or readers. I know your not all hanging out drunk on overpasses waiting to freak out young girls.


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