One book to rule them all.

photo 1 (2)

The most worshipped book in Australia.

Tomorrow is my lovely husbands birthday, as his cake bakes in the oven (literally, not figuratively), I am thinking about all the cakes that have come before.

Birthday cake making is a controversial issue, not quite of the breast Vs bottle, or circumcision V’s… umm, not circumcision? (I don’t know what you call it, I’ve got all girls), but it is up there.

“Do you buy or do you bake?” is said with a judgmental smile.

Well I do both. “Gasp!”

Yup. I’ll buy if I need to, and have before. It is not unusual for one or more of us to have our birthday while camping and if you have ever seen our car when we go away, you’ll know there is no room for a mix master.*

But anyway, back to cake.

I don’t know if this rings true for every Australian home, but I know it applies to my family and plenty of mates and relatives. Round here, The Woman’s Weekly Kids Party Cake Book reigns supreme. My kids just love it.

Always have. If they were to be totally honest, then on Book week dress up day, they would go as the Dolly Varden, or the Octopus Cake (their Aunties favourite).

It is by far the most read book in the house and is often taken smuggled in the car for long trips. They just love going through it and choosing their cake for the year, even going up to 5 years in advance, but they change their minds like their clothes for the day, which is often. And then they’ll pick cakes for everyone else. Often while far over shooting their mums abilities. I’m flattered they think I’m so clever.

Like I said above, if we’re home, I’ll bake. I am no master baker, but I try very, very hard. Always with varied results.

My favourite website/blog that is up on my favourites bar and visited a lot, especially when I’m in need of a laugh, is Cake Wrecks.

It makes me feel far better about my cake disasters and give me great ideas in the Sunday Sweets section.

Dan’s cake isn’t out of the cake book. It’s a made up one, so I wait with baited breath on its results. I got it to the oven so that’s a start.

A few years ago I spent a rather long time, painstakingly tea spooning chocolate and vanilla cake one after the other into a cake pan, counting on a beautiful marble effect I had pulled of successfully for G2 that same year (but with heaps of colours, it was awesome). I opened the oven and as I turned to put this cake filled with love into the oven, the bottom fell out of the pan and chocolate and vanilla cake exploded like a dropped water balloon over the oven door, inside of the oven and all over the floor. Good times.

It was an eerie re-enactment of my eldest sister’s effort to bake a winning cake for the Capella Show when she was in high school. Except, being the trooper she is. She scraped her cake mix up from the lino floor, scooped it back into the pan, and went on to win the best Cake category.

It’s that never give up attitude that keeps me coming back to the oven. Wish me luck with my creation, and Happy Birthday for tomorrow Dan! xx

photo 2

Some of my girls favourites from the book!

*I have pre-cooked and then assembled cakes while camping.


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