They say a person’s taste in music says a lot about them. And according to multiple studies it’s true. Which is really cool. But it has to have a lot of variables.

I’m gunna get G1 to give me 5 random numbers between 1 and 3000 and list the songs on my iTunes library (which is missing ALL its burned songs thanks to an intellectual defect in me that is still not letting the transfer from the old computer to the new one happen), that coincide with that number.

I’ll see what each song means to me, why I bought it, when I bought it, and where it sits on my most played scale.

But before I do that I’ll tell you a bit about my relationship with music.

Very early memories of mine feature sitting with my father in front of our record player. Sometimes voluntarily, sometimes after a quick wrist grab while trying to sneak past.

A trait of his (that I now echo to most peoples annoyance), was to really listen to the songs. Not just the music, but the lyrics.

He had quite an extensive collection of records and cassette tapes and Old Silver (the nickname for our giant AM radio) got a lot of air time. Mum even had a heap of story books and exercise routines on 45’s.

I learned to find the meaning behind the song and as a result, have a really hard time enjoying a song that has great music and shitty, un-meaningful lyrics.*

Dad’s songs were mostly country songs. Someone would end up in a gun fight and die, usually over some floosy (or maiden, depending on the direction of the song) named Mary. Man, she was always getting country folks in all sorts of trouble.

9 times out of 10 I would end up teary eyed, and then play the record or tape over and over, forever burning it into my brain.

From then I had music with me everywhere. My little white tape player was the greatest gift of my life, soon added to by a Walkman, then Discman and then when I moved into Pet Cemetery view room, I had my eldest sister’s huge stereo inches from my head.

My room became my haven from irritating adults cramping my style and I would retreat to listen to my Ängry Music”, which varied through my teens, but almost always contained swears. Blink 182 and Everclear were Angry favourites.

I miss hearing the tape or CD slowly, slowly slink to a stop as the batteries died (countered by a quick play/record simultaneous hit), and I miss the ‘diddle e dit’ as the tape finished sides. I miss the crackle of a needle on vinyl and the way you could make it all chipmunky by adjusting the speed.

I will never turn back from iTunes, iPods, and Shazaam, they’re amazing. But I do get nostalgic. And lyrics are just as important to me as ever. Music is as important to me as ever.

So let’s see what these 5 randoms have to say about me. I’d love to see all who read this follow suit and leave your random 5, with reasons, in comments.


*Don’t get me wrong, crazy lyrics are great. They don’t have to make sense, just have to mean something. I love a good Eggman and Walrus as much as any Beatle, and will happily call Barenaked ladies, Pavlov’s dogs. (Brian Wilson is definitely in my top 10, all-time favourites).

#28- All For Love (3 Musketeers Sound Track) Bryan Adams, Sting, Rod Stewart.

I love this song. Bought for the movie which I also love (must watch it again), we seen this movie on a projector in a club house at Pottsville when I was a kid, greatest holidays ever. Bought it years ago and don’t play it often.

#7-Add it up. Violent Femmes.

Love this song. Grew up with this band thanks to my 4 and 5 year older sisters. Didn’t understand the lyrics to their songs as a kid but sung them anyway. *cringe*. Bought it years ago and it does get a few plays. It’s actually on my new Angry songs list!

#2-Absolutley-Story of a Girl. Nine Days.

Love this song. Must have been out when I had just had G1 as it reminds me of being out of touch with all my mates who were partying at the time while I was Mum/wife-ing. Again, bought years ago and it plays often as it is #2 on the songs list and if you don’t press shuffle it plays 2nd (yup, I can count).

#142- Bigger than My Body- John Mayer.

Love this song, while slightly embarrassed that I have John Mayer on iTunes. Really like the music shifts and the lyrics are meaningful. Bought years ago and does get the occasional play.

#2000-Stan (featuring Dido)-Eminem.

Like this song. Creepy and weird, with a sweet touch. I read an interview with Eminem about this song and thought it was cool why he chose Dido’s song to mash up. I used to have this on CD but it went AWOL and I just purchased it digitally to show G1. It creeps her out too much. Which is good. So it doesn’t get played much.


3 thoughts on “Music!

  1. capsulecreations

    I have never been one to listen to one genre of music .. If something sounds good to me and you can jiggle to it i’m ok with it. But i do i agree that what type of music you listen to can give an indication as to who you are!

    Lovely post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Laina Earl Post author

      Thanks! I love all music too and my song collection is so varied that it would be quite funny to see what it said about me! Eclectic I guess! Thanks again for the comment!



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