As the daughter of 2 Pisceans,  I love water. I love being in it, on it or beside it. I love everything that lives in it. It ties in beautifully with my obsession with all things clear. I love the sound, smell and feel of it falling from the sky as it is today, and I love to drink it (in fact you’ll die if you don’t).

It is only fitting then, that my exercise of choice is swimming.

Today I got back in the pool after nearly 2 weeks on dry land due to a particularly nasty run in with the flu.

It felt so good to be home.
For me  swimming is like flying. It’s such a peaceful, powerful feeling and such a great way to zone out & lose yourself. I love it!
And lucky me, today was a quiet day at the town pool so I had a whole kilometre to myself before the lessons kicked off! Bliss!!!

 As well as water & swimming, I also love music. (Just how much I will discuss in future!) And thanks to the ingenuity of some clever swimming nerd, I can combine these 3 loves!
I have a swim pod, a waterproof shuffle & headphones that I swim with in all my sets. (Underwater singing is just one of my many learned skills). It’s gotten to the point that I really lose my drive to go on if the battery dies. Bore-ing.
I still zone out & I still think. Oh I solve the problems of the world & come up with solutions to all sorts of quandaries.

Just with a musical backdrop.

As life should be.

I’ve never worn it in open water, I think ones ears need to be alert to shark sirens & such (I wont say I haven’t considered it). And I am curious as heck as to whether those in neighbouring lanes ever hear it? (I’d be kind of embarrassed to know the elderly guy doing his physio in lane 2 could hear the Beastie Boys fighting for their rights, dolphin sonar style!!!)
I have even considered putting an audio book on it, or learning a language! But I think that may mess with my complex style of lap counting.

Mierda!! Was that diecisiete up or 18???????

Anyway I am just thankful to have found my thing. My way of staying physically healthy and mentally happy. And I am super thankful for my health improving every day, I have really missed my “Swim” playlist!

Plus the Virgo in me is dying to get back to her routine!

Bubble, bubble-“You wake up late for school man you don’t wanna go
You ask you mom, “Please?” but she still says, “No!”-bubble,bubble.


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