This week our house is abuzz with excitement as we head towards G2 and G3’s Wakakirri performance.

For those not in the know, Wakakirri is like Rock Eisteddfod. Rock Eisteddfod of course, is best remembered for the 1995 CQ season when a little country school, Capella High, took out the championship performance at Rockhampton’s Pilbeam Theatre, incorporating great modern classics like The Cranberries Zombie and East 17’s House of Love.  Good times, weird costumes and a lesson for us all on why those glowing sticks (a new invention then) should never, ever be busted open and applied to skin.

For those even less in the know, Wakakirri is when primary schools across the region are given the opportunity to tell a story, any story, through dance.  A kind of interpretive musical.

Not interpretive dance, (though that would be hilarious). But funkier, more modern. They also have to do their best to be sustainable and creative in their costume and prop design, recycling as much as possible, and for bonus points, there is a Where’s Wally type reference/prop thing that can be added into the performance. Last years “Wally” was ”Cake”. (G2 has sworn me to secrecy about this years!)

It really is very cool! It’s not compulsory, anyone from year 4 up can join if they choose, which is why only G2 went in last year’s, G3 was too little (much to her disgust). Watching the practice for last years performance, I was pretty impressed with their braveness and how their months of rehearsals had paid off. But when Mum and I went and watched the official competition?! Wow!

We were blown away! Under lights, professional sound system, in front of thousands of strangers (and very proud families), they danced and acted their little hearts out! It was unreal!

So this is the last week of rehearsals with the big night on Friday. This year I have tickets for the whole family to attend. And though G1 is more than reluctant to come along, I know she will be pleasantly surprised! All the schools put in so much effort and some of them contain huge comic value.

Dan seems to be ambivalent towards the whole thing. Though slightly more keen than my own father ever was to attend concerts and awards nights. Especially once they brought in the no smoking in government buildings rule. Not Fun.

Anyway I know they are both going to LOVE it! And I know that G2 and G3 will be as proud of themselves as we are of them.

That split second eye contact, and resulting grin after they’ve covered their eyes from the spotlight glare and systematically searched the crowd to find you, is truly priceless.

Gooooo Moranbah!



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