I have been writing my whole life. My earliest memory of having people like what I wrote was in primary school, I don’t recall what year, but I was little, maybe year 3. I also don’t recall the title, of the book I had written, but the storyline went something like this.

  •  Fair maiden falls in love with mysterious Spanish man in black.
  • Bad guys kidnap maiden.
  • Spaniard in black travels the world fighting bad guys to get fair maiden back.

At the end of each fight scene he would say something along the lines of “I am such & such (probably Edwardo, or Antonio) prepare to die”. As I got into reading this story aloud to my class, they would all say his trademark quote along with me, without prompt! It was an awesome feeling!

(As you can tell I was heavily influenced by THE greatest movie of all time, literary & film classic, “The Princess Bride”. Sigh. Oh my sweet Wesley.)

Anyway, I guess that’s where it began. I also know the literary seeds were planted by my mother as she would read to us as kids. An important habit that I too embraced once I had my babies. I love reading them the books my mum read to me, and still cry every bloody time. Darn you 7 Little Australians!!!
I don’t know what the cut off age is for this, but I still love to lay with G1 and rediscover all the books I’ve loved before.
And my seed planting seems to be working too! So far all my girls love to read and write.

G1 is into supernatural reading material, perhaps influenced by her mother’s book shelf full of Anne Rice, Stephen King & Brian Froud books. Her supernatural beings got nothin on mine though. (Werewolves that have feeling and vampires that can live in the day. Pfffft.)
G2 would sooner sit down with a comic than a novel, which is fine by me. Again, perhaps she’s taking a leaf from her Mumma . My collection of Footrot Flats, Garfield & Far Side books are all well read.
G3 reads everything, and can sit with a story book or novel just as happily. She loves all the primary school based pet detective-esque books at the moment but is starting to merge into Goosebumps territory (as her sisters did), so who knows which genre she’ll end up loving.
But all reading leads to writing and gladly the girls each play around with writing stories & poems.

I see a bright literary future for each of them & I guess I’m trying to show them, through doing this blog,  that you don’t need to be brilliant or famous for writing in order to write. Or in order to share! You just need to love it, and the rest will come!


2 thoughts on “Writing

  1. Kim Smyth

    I so love reading everything you write! I have loved your facebook post and am excited now to read more with your blog! thanks for sharing Lana for those of us who are not confident in writing its a wonderful sometimes to just read xxx



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