Origin of ”The Lightning Tree”

 I grew up in a pretty unique family. In a pretty unique town. In a pretty unique time.

I’m grateful beyond words for each of these factors, and for how the good, the bad & the crazy of them all have contributed to who I am today.

Growing up, there was a legend told within our family of The Lightning Tree. This incredibly special yet ever changing tree was identifiable by the fact that it had, indeed, been struck by lightning.

According to our terribly creative parents, this charred & shattered, sometimes still smouldering  tree, marked the hiding place for stolen Goblin treasure.

Following exceptionally fierce yet beautiful storms, often watched by 3 wide eyed little girls from the safety of their carport, Dad would return from one of his damper cooking trips out bush with word of a Lightning Tree sighting.

This would trigger a mad dash to the site with shovels & hats in tow and an intense few hours of furious digging around the base of the tree, until the treasure, a calico bag filled with coins (or washers, if the goblins were feeling cheeky), was discovered.

The fear of being caught red handed by the goblins, and the excitement of the treasure hunt combined to create such a fantastic emotion, I can’t even pinpoint it! Terror mixed with giggles? It was all so much fun and is the base for some my favourite memories!

Anyway, that’s why I chose this name for my blog. Hopefully it pans out like our Lightning Tree. An unexpected place to find treasure!

It will be eclectic, like me! Hopefully entertaining. And with me stepping up to the role of Goblin, I can assure that it will be constantly changing!

Sometimes you’ll  get your treasure bag of 1 & 2 cent coins. Sometimes useless washers. Hopefully, you will always find the fun & emotion!


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