Moranbah is a mining town in Central Queensland.
It has a current population of close to 9,000 permanent, and 5,000 + transient residents on any given day.
It has more sports & clubs than you can poke a stick at, fantastic schools, a great selection of businesses and amazing community spirit.
It is also where my family  have called home for the last 13 years.
There’s never really been a clear indication on what makes a local, but I’ve given our family that tag. My 2 youngest daughters were born here, so I bags local status.
My husband Dan, works in “The Mines.” A blanket term used for every coal/gold/diamond/ore mine in the country, by those outside or new to the industry.
My family, is not new to the industry.
In the immortal words of Loretta Lyn, “I was born a coal miners daughter.” As far back as I can search on my fathers side, there’s coal miners. This is something I am fiercely proud of. As well as the eureka flag my forefathers marched beneath in times of strife.
In fact on both Dan’s side of the family tree & mine, miners rule the roost. With a healthy dose of Pastoralists thrown in for good measure.
This explains our deep set love of mining towns and the great outdoors.
And also explains why Moranbah is the perfect place for us to be raising our family!
But, maybe it takes growing up in a really small town to appreciate the greener grass a larger town has to offer.
When we moved here, I was thrilled that I could buy a loaf of fresh bread. On any day. Any time I wanted! Luxury!
Obviously Moranbah has a lot more to offer than bread, but it will always have its detractors.
We get a lot of bad media out here, which is fine, we’re a tough lot, but hopefully I can help shine a light on the great things, the non coal things, that this area has to offer.
The cry of boredom will always be heard in towns, big and small. People want something to do, something to entertain & occupy, but sometimes just aren’t willing to look.
But like any precious natural resource, sometimes you just have to dig to find it. Lucky we’ve got plenty of Draglines round here!

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