My crew is a what you’d call a young family.

Early 30’s husband & wife duo, complete with our set of 3 beautiful girls.
G1 is 14, G2 is 11 and G3 is 9. A trio of trouble & fun that keep me busy, happy & thankful.
As one of 3 girls myself, they also remind me of how the universe works and make me grateful  that my mother didn’t throttle the lot of us.
I’m lucky enough to have my sister and her family in the same town, which gives me lots of time with my 3 nieces, & nephew. Mum is only 2 hours drive and my big sister, though now a US resident, is only ever a Skype call away.
My in-laws are all fairly close also, with 2 nieces & a nephew 2-1/2 hours west, 2 nephews & a niece 4 hours east (along with wonderful sisters and brothers in laws of course)and Mum & Dad in-law currently cruising through post codes with their van.
Family is clearly a big part of my life, and I love you all!
My crew, we spend a fair bit of time outdoors.
We fish.
We camp.
We ski.
We camp.
We hunt.
And you guessed, we camp!
Yup, we love to camp. So be prepared for a lot of posts regarding the above activities!!

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